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From the impressive cliffs facing the Atlantic, to the hidden wonders of the countryside, the southern Alentejo region stretches across wonderful plains, steppe areas, and green valleys.

Home to many protected species, this is the only place in Portugal where Iberian lynxes roam freely, Spanish-Imperial-Eagles cross the skies, and Great Bustards breed among the cereal crops. The ancient mosaic landscape, where agricultural fields and extensive livestock production intertwines with open scrublands and mediterranean oak forests, is responsible for the high biodiversity values you will find here.

Protected by two nature parks, the Guadiana Valley Nature Park on the East and the Costa Vicentina on the west, and a Special Protection Area in Castro Verde, you could imagine that nature is at its best status. But those legal frameworks for protection are not enough.

Habitat loss, drought, food scarcity and depredation are some of the main threats wildlife faces in this region. That is way we teamed up with different environmental organisations, from non-governmental to the National Institute for Nature Conservation and regional authorities: to join forces and implement needed conservation actions.

Explore to protect

What if you could help nature conservation by joining a tour? The Portugal Wildscapes Conservation Fund was created for that.

We believe tourism can have a positive impact in this ecosystems. By going on a Portugal Wildscapes Birding, or Cycling Tour, you’re giving a direct contribution to the conservation fund.

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