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Portugal Wildscapes is a tourism project with a positive impact on ecosystems having the engagement on local communities. A percentage of the revenues from the products sold by the project partners is allocated to directly support conservation measures including habitat improvement.


The Project is managed by a non-profit organisation called Portugal Secret Nature - Association for Tourism and Nature Conservation, a non-profit association based in Almodôvar, which brings together entrepreneurs, governmental and non-governmental entities to develop nature tourism in the Baixo Alentejo.


Together, we work to offer you unforgettable outdoor experiences, and give you the opportunity to contribute directly to nature conservation projects in the region, through the Portugal Wildscapes Conservation Fund.

Are you an entrepreneur and would like to join our network? Visit our community page and become a member.

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The "Portugal Wildscapes" is a project suported by LUNDIN Foundation, with the aim of contributing to the sustainability of this region.


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  • Photo: Portugal Wildscapes


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Rua dos Lavadouros, Centro Coordenador de Transportes, Loja C
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