Off the Road - Into the Wildscapes [Stage 6]

Stage from Mértola to Castro Verde, closing the 400 km route, crossing the lands of the Iberian Lynx and the Alentejo plains where the epic battle of Ourique was fought.

This is the last stage of this cycling adventure through the immense territory of Portugal Wildscapes. You will say goodbye to the Guadiana and return to the vast plains of the Alentejo.

On the way you will visit the chapel of Nossa Senhora de Aracelis, the “altar of heaven”, where you can find an excellent view over the landscape, and an excellent spot for birdwatching. In fact, this leg of the route crosses several points of our Birdwatching Route!

60,9 km

4:50 h

705 m

705 m

Highest point
207 m

Lowest point
12 m

Nª Srª de Aracelis, marks the border between the municipalities of Mértola and Castro Verde.

São Pedros das Cabeças, in Castro Verde, where the battle of Ourique took place.

You will continue towards Castro Verde and take a diversion to visit another point of interest. At the top of a hill you will find the place of São Pedro das Cabeças where a small chapel commemorates the battle of Ourique of 1139. It is said that the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, guided by divine forces, won a battle against five Moors in the early days of Portuguese nationality.

Legends apart, the journey will end in Castro Verde where you can enjoy the gastronomy and get to know the local traditions, perhaps to the sound of Alentejan singing …

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